Benefits with light gauge steel framing system

What is cold formed steel?

Cold formed steel members (sometimes called light gauge steel) are made from structural-quality sheet steel that’s formed into shaped either through free-braking blank sheared from sheets or coils, or more commonly, by roll-forming the steel through a series of dies. Unlike hot-formed structural I-beams, neither process requires heat to form the shape, thus the name “cold formed”steel.Light gauge steel produces are usually thinner, faster to produce, and cost less than their hot-formed counter-parts.

Advantages of steel framing

  • Steel studs and joists are strong, lightweight, and made from uniform-quality material. Steel walls are straight, with square corners, and all but eliminate pops in drywall. This virtually does away with the need for costly callbacks and adjustments.
  • Cold formed steel is coated to protect rusting during the phase of construction and living. Hot-dipped zinc galvanizing can protect your steel framing as long as250 years
  • Lintel’s consumer enjoy steel framing for fire safety and termite protection. Steel doesn’t contribute combustible material to feed a fire
  • Steel-framed houses can be designed to withstand wind and seismic loads caused by hurricanes and earthquakes. The strength and ductility of steel allows it to meet the strongest wind and seismic ratings in the national building codes.
  • Steel joists and trusses can achieve greater spans, opening up large spaces inside a home
  • Steel framing members can be just fastened together with screws.
  • Lintel offers you option to panelize your walls or truss to a certain degree to make your houses more cost-effectively to save you the whole construction period

We are environmental friendly

Steel is recycling. The overall recycling rate of the steel industry is 66%, the highest of any industry in the world. Steel framing scrap is a valuable commodity that should not end up in a landfill. Most steel manufactured today contains an average of 25 percent recycled content.

Environmental friendly   Environemental friendly