ZIP – Lock Curved Roof System

Zip – lock curved roof system is an advanced technology to be achieved in a wide range of span with great flexibility or frameless wide span buildings with different pitch. Lintel’s zip-lock curved roof system can be designed and installed according to the construction requirements.

Features + Benefits:

Lintel using lock upright seams roofing system by applying the physical function of using pvdf fluorine carbon for the out layer coating and galvanized steel for the base roofing panel. A higher panel rib effectively solve the low slope roof with water accumulation, roof flashing and drainage problem. The hidden fastener of zip –lock curved roof system prevents the water leakage with a good air tightness. (roof pitch 1.5 degree)
Predominate designation for the clip in zip –lock system provides strong resistance on wind uplift force (wind uplift rating 200 km/h) with insulated layer under it.

Specially designed zip-lock loading panel, scaleboard, clip and panel perfectly work together. Lintel uses perforated sheets to enhance acoustic absorption. With the good performance of vapor retarder to prevent moisture draining back into the insulation caused the efficiency of insulation decreased.​

Lintel provides many design option including:

  1. Straight
  2. Music board
  3. Fold board
  4. Fan shaped board
  5. Bending plate
  6. Fan-shaped bent plates paragraph here.

Zip – lock offer you advantage that can give your curved seam roof with great radius bend which exceeded the limitation of natural radius bend

  • Conform to astm a653
  • G90/z275 galvanizing