Features + Benefits:
  • Advance optional adjustable size C/Z interchangeable purlin production line
  • GR340,SGH440,G450 high tensile hot-dipped galvanized base materials are usually adopted,while the places and radius of the holes can be pre-punched according to customers’ requirements.Continous lapping of Z purlin is advised to be used as roof to improve the carrying capacity of this system
  • American spacing brace is much more convenient than traditional ones to install.No need to verify the purlin space size.Hot – dipped galvanized materials,saves the trouble of maintenance whole life time
  • Compared with common truss,no maintenance is needed.Service life can be 6-10 times longer.Only 1/10 of the common truss purlins are used for manual work
  • Maximum column space can reach 16m.Total cost can be saved by 5%-8% than common truss purlin
Tech Data: