The Advantage Of Framecad Mobile Factory

Framecad Mobile Factory System produces cost-effective, light gauge steel framing components quickly and efficiently, either at the customer’s own site, off site or per your request. These include framing system, flooring, wall, roofing and truss. The mobile factory system allows you travel to any place or remote area to begin the construction process immediately,aslo maintains an accuracy level that is controlled by the system not just the skill level of the workers.

Features + Benefits

  • Fast production & efficiency through auto gauging system  (2880m/hr)
  • 15 advanced hydraulic and pre-punched service hole function that apply to entire framing (wall, truss and floors)
  • Automatic gauging system per your requirement  0.55 -1.20mm (18-24 gauge)
  • Can be fit into 40 ft container
  • Ideal for Residential, Industrial & Commercial
  • Shanghai Beststeel is the partner of Framecad