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Lintel’s CC-750 clip concealed roof system is specially designed for structures located along the regions where strong winds, heavy rain and snowfall are common.

Features + Benefits:
  • Increased coverage based on traditional 406 and 420 standing seam roof reduces 48% work for horizontal seam enclosure with specially designed for anti capillary action to prevent the water intrusion and increased 5% rate for material efficiency.
  • Good performance on wind uplift concern by making deeper concealed clips (>5.2mm) to secure the panel to the purlin.
  • Better performance on thermal expansion and contraction by allowing panels to slide back and forth horizontally over the clips which reduces the chances of buckling and billow.
  • Greater obtuse angle (> 90o) on cc – 750 roof panel provides good space to protect coating on the surface of panel during the transportation and installation. It has higher corrosion resistance than the hidden fasteners metal roof and exposed metal roof.
  • CC -750 awarded for gold design by australian designmark
  • FM approved ​​​​
Tech Data: