The Difference When Building With Lintel Structure

Lintel believes in energy-saving, environmental friendly, safer and more durable houses. Our prefabricated light gauge steel framing system (bfs) helps in shortening the construction time and higher the level of earth-quake resistant while also allow clients to custom design their dream homes.

Energy-saving &environmental protection

  • Advanced roof and wall cladding material guarantee excellent acoustic and insulation performance. 65% less energy consumption than the concrete structure
    High prefabricated capability. Building a house like playing lego
  • All the materials can be pre-engineered and prefabricated in factory. Panelization reduces job site costs and you can install these systems quickly in the field.

Low self-weight and material saving

The support members of light gauge roof and wall use high strength and thin-wall steel materials to reduce steel quantity. (single house is below 30kg/m2, multistory building is below in 40kg/m2). Light structure weight reduces the cost of transportation and installation, also reduce foundation cost accordingly. The building self-weight is only 1/4 of brick or concrete structure

Safe and durable (earthquake resistant)

The wall and truss structure together with internal and external panels composite strong “panel rib structure”. The use of high strength steel greatly improves the capacity against vertical and horizontal loads. So they have good resistance against wind and earthquake and have light damage. Test proved that it can meet 7 magnitude earthquake and resists hurricane to a maximum of 216m/h.all structure components use hot galvanized panel which has high content of Zn,using self-taping screw for assembly, no welding. So they possess good anti-corrosive performance. Built in water-proof sandwich panel wall, no corrosion, mold and termite damage, with long service life

Comfortable living

Excellent insulation structure and materials greatly improve comfortable indoor condition. Built in pipes, wire and thinner wall improve using space (increased by 10%).strong shaping performance of steel structure makes house complex and aesthetic

Perfect joint and complete facility

Many years’ experience and introduction of technology make Lintel Structure possess perfect and mature technical system and stable, complete accessory suppliers
We support:

Engineering service

  • Building envelope consultant
  • Engineering/Architectural service
  • Seismic structure design
  • Shop drawings
  • Cad/bim details
  • Leed support

Production line service

  • 20 gauge (0.889mm),18 gauge (1.245mm)
  • 16 gauge (1.651mm),14 gauge (2.108mm)
  • Nominal member size (2×4, 2×6, 2×8,2×10,2×12)
  • Structural, non-structural, harsh environment
  • Pre-assemble service
  • Preload per structural requirement


  • ULC S101
  • ASTM E119
  • CSA-A660

Site service

  • Assembling service
  • Authorized Builder
  • Authorized Electrician/Mechanical/Plumber
  • Technical support

Lintel Structure products produced base on the manufacturing standards of steel stud framing, trims and accessories of astm c645 ,astm a1003,astm and a653.specs are calculated in accordance with the north American specification for the design of cold-formed steel structural members (NASPEC) as adopted by the international building code (ibc)