ISOPANEL has external wall panel, indoor decorative wall panel and roof wall panel with excellent incomparable insulation that is superior to other construction materials.


Wall panels made with core polyurethane, poly-isocyanurate foam or mineral wool. Their insulation has excellent thermal insulation performance, which could be proved by comparing with other construction materials in heat transfer coefficient. The panel has high insulation properties as much as 14-80 times than brick and concrete. The panel therefore is the best choice for the use of strict control of temperature requirements.

There are two methods we used to build thermal insulation. Internal thermal insulation and external insulation. For internal insulation it would generate temperature difference when water vapor migration from higher temperature to a lower temperature and condense out as water. Insulating the external wall allows the temperature of the wall increase which will push the dew point to the external surface.Sandwich wall panel adopts external insulation method which would prevent condensation effectively.
In order to see the difference of thermal insulation, it is necessary to compare the thickness between typical iso-panel wall panels and other materials: