Standing Seam Roof Welding System

Stainless steel roofing welding system can be apply to stainless steel and titanium based material.The excellent corrosion resistance performance suit for harsh environments long service life and environmental pollution.The automatic roof welding system simplify the process for seams connections. The entire roof will be coverd by the seamless metal roofing.Less concern on water penetration and air leagke.Extrem performance under strong wind and uplift resistance !


  • Compatible with double standing , angled & standing seam
  • 50 mm – 22 mm profile heights
  • Compatible with stainless steel and titanium
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Strong wind and uplift resistance
  • Welding technology with 500 hz for a perfect welding image
  • Through cooling & integral metal core cooling of the rollers
  • Automatic welding by simply press the start button
  • Excellent performance under expansion and contraction


Wide span structural with large cladding surface and for structure located in regions of harsh climate (heat rain,strong winds and snowfall)